Marketing Partner Spotlight- Art Morrison Enterprises

A few words from Art Morrison- These past few years have been a great time to be a car guy! Never before has there been so much technology available for a shop or a home builder to create a truly functional vehicle. There has been more innovation delivered to the world of the automotive aftermarket in the last few years than there had been in the last few decades. Efficient and high horsepower crate engines, easy to program ECU’s, strong transmissions and engineered suspension systems are all working together to complete that project you have always wanted. Combining the classic styling of American sheet metal with these contemporary components gives you a combination that is tough to beat. A great test for this “restomod” type approach was our involvement with the 2011 Street Rodder “Road Tour” car. While this 1955 Chevrolet was styled after a mid-60s hot rod, we were able to deliver a level of drivability that made it a true crosscountry joy. With Street Rodder Magazine’s Jerry Dixey behind the wheel, the 2011 Road Tour Tri-5 logged over 20,000 miles in the course of the show season. Traveling on a wide variety of roads in all conditions, the GT Sport chassis was able to provide a level of comfort, performance and safety that inspires confidence on long road trips. If your project isn’t something we have a bolt-on chassis for, don’t worry; custom projects are our specialty! We are constantly engineering and fabricating custom frames and subframes for a wide range of projects from bare rails to complete custom frames. Leaving our facility this year will be a chassis for an Aston Martin DB4 Zagato featuring new Aston V-12 drive train. Also completed was a custom bolt-on chassis for a 1955 Rolls Royce. We will start the Studebaker project utilizing a custom 4″x4″ main rail chassis. Also keeping us on our toes is Jonathan Ward with his line of ICON vehicles. Working with Jonathan in 2011 we produced a chassis for his latest vehicle, a 1968 Ford Bronco that features modern drivetrain and 4WD systems. Debuted in the Ford booth at the 2011 SEMA Show this vehicle was a huge hit with the show attendees. With our reverse engineering technology, we have also done a custom bolt-on chassis for Gary Meadors 1947 Chrysler Town & Country and Holley’s 1987 Pontiac Grand Prix track day car both of which will be completed in 2012. As always, we owe you a debt of gratitude and a heartfelt “thank you.” If it wasn’t for your support and business we wouldn’t be where we are today. As a result of all the varied projects we take on, we are constantly on the cutting edge of suspension design and chassis technology. As we enter our 5th decade of business we take pride in providing you with the best chassis components and engineering available. Your business is valued and our staff welcomes your comments as to how we can provide you with better parts and service. Whether it is an idea for a new product or thoughts on improving what we have, please let us know. Your support is appreciated and please keep us in mind for your next project.

“Art and Chris deliver us unmatched chassis technology along with the best chassis components available in every chassis we use!”- Bobby Alloway

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